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Since 2017, AlphaMark has set out to bring a modern feel and an agency approach to the promo industry. We're not here to just take orders, but rather work to increase your ROI and make your brand stand out.


Dan Larson

Chief Operations Officer

Hometown:Austin, MN

When it comes to managing the team, there is no one better than Dan Larson. Dan's attention to detail and sales skills are the backbone of Alphamark.

When Dan isn't in the office, he enjoys hiking, biking, and hanging with the boys. 


Nathan Brinkman

Hometown:Austin, MN

Chief Visionary Officer

 A man with a vision, Nathan brings creativity to business strategy. AlphaMark has big aspirations and Nathan is focused on making sure we reach our goals. When he’s not coming up with a master plan, you can find him equally as engaged in Fantasy Football or Pick -up Basketball. 


Nate Elsey Williams

Hometown: Quad Cities, IA

Corporate Salesman / E-commerce 

When it comes to branding and design, Nate Brings a creative style to the table through Website building and social media. Alphamark wants to be more than just apparel which is why we are striving to be more digital. 

When Nate's not building stores for clients, he enjoys working on his personal brand, Northside Bags. 


Blake Halsey

Local / Prep Salesman 

Hometown: Austin, MN

Breaking the ice comes naturally for Blake. His ability to spark up conversation and engage with his customers on a genuine sales level keeps relationships strong.

 When Blake isn't pitching his clients on the importance of advertising, you can find him walking the streams of the Driftless or hanging around a bonfire.